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Ink Appointment Plugin

Nowadays people are accustomed to booking things online. When they browse any service enabled website which is related to beauty like in a spa/salon, food like in restaurant, clinics etc. People enjoy booking appointment instantly from anywhere in the world just by few clicks on the websites. On the other hand, if you are running an independent business and wants to excel in reaping profits for your business then you should prioritize giving more ease-implemented serviceability to your customer. So taking this factor in mind, giving facility to your users in booking an appointment for the services online is now and then trend.

Business website that provides exclusive and distinct services should provide a portal that gives more ease to their customers to book an appointment according to their suitable date and time, it would become simpler for them to access your services, simultaneously easier for you to manage long customer list who have previously accessed your services and the one who want to access ahead in time. Additionally it generates a professional business image and give 24/7 facility to your customer to book an appointment online through any web accessible devices.

This tutorial is going to enlighten you about one of the Flubers Ink Appointment plugin which facilitates your customer to do online booking for the multiple services offered by your venture. It provides an easy gateway for payment transaction with the help of PayPal.

What Ink Appointment Plugin Can Do For Your Business?

As I have mentioned above this plugin is for business-oriented website and is an ideal way to accomplish an online appointment booking for your customers, now I will speak more in-depth about it. This is a widgetized plugin and you can easily integrate it with any of the WordPress websites. It has inbuilt opt-in form which can be used as an appointment form to display all the services offered by you, where your customers will fill their details, choose the particular service and book an appointment session according to their suitable time slot at a specified date. Subsequently, your customers can pay via PayPal or pay cash later according to the payment mode you will activate on your website. As soon as the customer completes the appointment booking, their booking detail will be stored in your WordPress dashboard and can be visible to you. Thereafter you can confirm customers booking and once the appointment is confirmed the customer will be notified via email.

Advantages Of Ink Appointment Plugin:

One of the major advantages of integrating online appointment booking to your website is, it will not let your any customer to go off from your reach, you can re-communicate with them if you have drop communicating mistakenly. Additionally, it saves your’s customer time from filling the client information form manually and submitting it to counter from where you will gather the client’s information and fixed their appointment, you can utilize this time in other organization’s activities rather than hang up with collecting forms and scheduling appointments, make a database and then updating it frequently. Instead Ink Appointment plugin has inbuilt database in the dashboard that retrieves the client’s information and you just have to confirm the appointments, keep the record secured and confidential and review your customer with upcoming appointments and sessions.

How To Install Ink Appointment?

You can install the Ink Appointment plugin on your dashboard very easily with any of the InkThemes, although I have implemented it with Colorway theme. Simply follow the steps given below:

First off, install any suitable theme on your dashboard for e.g. Colorway theme.
Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Install Themes.
colorway theme

Install the Colorway theme and activate it.
Under the Dashboard choose Plugins option.
Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New
After that a page will appear with the heading Install Plugins option.
Go to Upload option, click on it.
In the next step, select the Ink Appointment plugin zip file from the desktop and upload it.
After uploading the file, click on the Install Now button.
ink appointment plugin

Click on Activate Plugin option to activate the plugin on your website, you can see the Ink Appointment plugin icon under your dashboard. See the image for reference:
Ink appointment plugin icon

How To Use Ink Appointment?

It has some of the basic inbuilt features that help you to customize your services according to your website niche.

Create Appointments:

It allows you to create your desired services specifying date, timing and pricing detail to display in the appointment form on your website. Follow these steps to create your services to display them on your website:

Go to Dashboard -> Appointments icon -> Create Appointments.

After that Create New Service page will appear. Enter the name of your service and its price and then click on Add New Service button. If you want to add multiple services repeat the above step for the same. See below the screenshot:
ink appointment create service

In the next step, set the date slot and time slot of your services. Just click on the Add Date Slot button to mention the dates and Add Time Slot button to mention the time duration in which the services will be available for customers.

Drag and drop Ink Appointment Widget on any of the sidebar widget according to your requirement, follow the steps: Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.
Visit your website where you can see an appointment form. Your Customers can fill the details in the form and book the appointment. See below the screenshot:appointment form image

Payment Details:

This feature allows, displaying all the transaction details of your customers on the WordPress dashboard. To view the customer’s transaction details follow these steps:

Dashboard -> Appointments -> Payment Details -> Payment Transaction Details.

Book appointments:

The customers will be able to book their appointment for a particular service by selecting the desired services from the drop down menu at a particular time; only one appointment can be booked. If a customer wants to book appointment for more than one service then he/she will have to follow the same procedure. Once the appointment is confirmed, the customer will be notified by the email. All the appointment details will be stored in the admin dashboard. To view the details on dashboard follow these steps:

Dashboard -> Appointments -> Booked Appointments -> View All Recent Appointments/View All Past Appointments.


This feature is meant to customize the appointment form on your site according to your website niche.

ink appointment payment setting

Payment Mode:

The Ink Appointment plugin provides three payment modes through which you can personalize your customer with the required option they want to pay through. It has following three options:

PayPal: When you set this option in Payment Mode field, you can receive customer’s payment through their PayPal account.

PayPal Sandbox: It is used in the testing process. Here admin can check whether the money transaction is occurring correctly or not.

Pay Cash Later: If you want your customer to pay cash after accessing your services, set Payment mode field as Pay Cash Later.

To set the Payment mode, follow these steps: Go to Dashboard -> Appointments -> Settings -> Payment Setting -> Payment Mode, select one of the options from the drop-down list and then click on Save All Changes button to save the changes .ink appointment payment modeIn addition Ink appointment plugin provides facility to the admin to set the currency according to their respective countries. It provides 24 options of various countries and its currencies.
To set the currency option follow these steps:
Dashboard -> Appointments -> Settings -> Manage Currency -> Set Default Currency. See the screenshot below.



Last but not least Ink Appointment plugin will customize your appointment form on your website and enhance the functionality of your appointment form. Additionally, it will give ease to your customers to book appointments directly from your website from anywhere in the world without any constraints. It will provide clutter-free management to your customer’s record.

If you have any queries regarding the Ink Appointment plugin, do write it down in the comment form. We’ll feel happy in helping you in any of the way.